Best Circular Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

A circular saw Machine is an electric-powered saw with a round flat blade or disc that rotates in a circular motion around the arbor. The machine was invented in the late 18-19th century and was commonly used in sawmills.

And this equipment has a handle fitted with an on/off switch, an arbor screw used to hold the blade in position, and a guard to protect the operator from the spinning blade. The machine can either be handheld or mounted on some object or tool.

Also, circular saws have varying adjustments in their depth or height and bevel. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best circular saws along with a comprehensive buying guide.

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Best 10 Circular Saw Machines in India-Buyers Guide

List of the circular saws Check at Amazon
1. Bosch 7-inch Saw GKS 190 Bosch-GKS-190-7
2. iBELL Saw Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter & 6 Months Warranty iBELL-Marble-Purpose
3. DEWALT Compact Saw DWE561 with 1200W & 184mm Dewalt-DWE561-Compact
4. ENDICO 5-inch Saw T30 1300 W Wood Cutter ENDICO-5-inch-Wood
5. Dongcheng 185mm Saw with 1100W in Blue & Grey Dongcheng-1100W-185mm
6. Stanley 184mm Saw SC16 with 1600W Power Stanley-STSC1518-1510W
7. Baw 12 Inches 305 mm Circular Saw wth 2300 Watts Baw 88005 Circular-Saw-12-Inches
8. CARIGAR 4 Inch100 mm 5 Star Marble Cutter 1050-Watt in Orange CARIGAR-Marble-Cutter
9. Makita M5801B Circular Saw Makita-Circular-M5801B
10. Digital Craft 7 Inch Electric Saw Aluminium 1600 W Digital-Craft-Aluminium

Buyers Guide – Circular Saw

Whether you are a new user of a circular saw or an expert, you have to understand what you are buying and whether it will help in completing your project. Standard components of a circular saw are as follows.

Just keep in mind the below points while choosing a circular saw:

  • The circular saw should have a shoe or footplate that keeps the saw in place when being used.
  • A guard covers the blade when the circular saw is not in use and retracts, exposing the edge only when in use.
  • Check whether the saw design has a depth adjuster used to make different thicknesses.
  • The circular saw should have bevel adjustments that allow the footplate to tilt, allowing the blade to make bevel cuts.
  • Familiarise yourself with the type of circular saw needed.
  • Circular saws are classified depending on the cuts they make.
  • Therefore, the size of the circular saw ranks the diameter of its blades.
  • The most common sizes are 5 ½ and 7 ¼ inches.

Also, the need for the circular saw factors out their use, such as:

Occasional Circular Saw

This type of saw machine uses 1050 to 1200 watts. The blade is carbide-tipped or HSS. It has a cutting depth of up to 55mm, and a laser guide or the guide fitted on the base plate.

Regular Circular Saw

They use a minimum of 1200 watts and have a tilted base plate with guard rails. The blade is carbide-tipped, thus a variable speed. It can cut up to a minimum depth of 55mm.

Professional or Heavy-duty Circular Saw

  • This type of circular saw is a plunge saw that uses 1600 watts.
  • Fitted with a guide rail and a tilted base plate.
  • The blade can either be of diamond or carbide-tipped hence a variable speed.
  • Choose a circular saw machine depending on its power.
  • Identify the type of circular saw blade you require for your project.
  • There are different types of blades: steel blades, carbide-tipped blades, tile-cutting blades, masonry blades, etc.
  • The type of blade depends on the kind of work that needs to be done & identify the power source for your circular saw.

Features of Circular Saw Machine

The circular saw is commonly used in cutting wood and other materials such as metal, plastic, or masonry work, depending on the type of blade used.

Here are some of the primary features of a circular saw:


  • Every user needs an adjustable machine, a good balance, and a comfortable grip.
  • Therefore, ensure the circular saw has a rubber handle and knobs for a better grip.

Trigger Switch

  • The positioning of the trigger switch tremendously affects the balancing of the circular saw.
  • Therefore, avoid circular saw machines with a trigger safety that requires the operator to squeeze their thumb on the switch.
  • Rather, go for a trigger switch that only needs you to flick your thumb downwards.
  • This prevents the operator from having to reposition themselves to get a better grip on the handle.


  • The weight of the circular saw affects the balancing of the machine when in use.
  • Mostly, cordless circular saw machines are heavier because of the plus-size batteries.

Depth Adjustments

  • Setting adjustments may be easy in a pro-level circular saw.
  • However, setting depth adjustments depends on the operator.
  • Nevertheless, users should check the depth adjustments before starting their work, since the scales can be way off their requirements.

Bevel Angle

  • Setting the circular saw’s bevel angle on point depends on the degree markings of the machine.
  • Fewer degrees and thin marks crafted on the bevel angle provide precise positioning and reduce parallax errors.

Types of Circular Saws

Circular saws make different types of cuts: crosscuts, rip cuts, or bevel cuts. Below is a list of types of circular saws to help operators determine what they require.

Sidewinder Circular Saw

  • Also known as an in-line circular saw.
  • The motor is fitted on the left side of the blade, directly turning the shaft that rotates the blade.
  • Hence, the saw uses the energy efficiently, allowing the blade to rotate fast.
  • The machine is small, therefore, portable.
  • The saw can either use electricity or lithium batteries.
  • Used for overhead cuts and cutting wood.

Worm Drive Circular Saw

  • This saw’s motor mounts on the back of the blade with gears.
  • The saw results in a slow speed but with enormous torque.
  • Most people prefer it due to its durability and power.
  • It produces perfect sightlines made from the deep thin saw, used for plunge cuts.

Hypoid Circular Saw

  • The motor is installed behind the blade.
  • Therefore, the power is transmitted to the blade by beveled gears that do not intersect.
  • The beveled gears reduce the noise produced when in use.
  • Convenient for cutting hard or wet wood.
  • The engine of the saw is enclosed and doesn’t require oiling.
  • Other types of circular saws include: abrasive saw, biscuit joiners, grinder or concrete, and table saw.

How Does a Circular Saw Work?

Before operating the circular saw machine, first, ensure your safety by wearing eye protection. Ensure the material that is to be cut is firmly held in position.

  1. First, select the type of blade required for the job appropriately.
  2. Securely attach the blade to the saw using the arbor nut.
  3. Make proper height and angle adjustments for precise cuttings.
  4. When all installation is complete and you are ready to cut, plug in the circular saw machine cord to an electric outlet.
  5. Make sure to hold the circular saw handle firmly.
  6. Align the saw with your cut markings, press or flick the trigger switch and gently move the saw following the cut markings.
  7. Ensure that the end of the material firmly holds to avoid splintering due to unsupported weight.
  8. For safety purposes, remember the blade’s teeth are sharp and may cause damage if left in the wrong position.
  9. Finally, always ensure to turn off the circular saw machine when not in use.

List of Top 10 Best Circular Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

Good thing is that most circular saw designs have depth locking levers fitted on the sides of the saw. There is a variety of circular saws in the market with important features. But before buying them, please note the points made below that may help you make an informed decision.

1. Bosch 7-inch Circular Saw GKS 190:

This robust handheld circular saw is designed for high performance. It weighs 5.7 kilograms, therefore light. The saw fits with a spindle lock hence making it easy to change the blade. It is also designed with a wide range of adjustments for cutting depth.Bosch 7-inch Circular Saw GKS 190


  • Bosch Circular  Saw has an air blower that offers a better view while working.
  • It comes with a quality blade
  • This tool makes precise cuttings
  • It can be used in woodwork, construction, and metalworking.
  • And this equipment is a powerful one


  • Not efficient for cutting hard materials
  • Quite expensive

Bosch Circular Saw

2. iBELL Circular Saw Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter with 1050W, 13000Rpm & 6 Months Warranty:

This is specifically a marble cutter circular saw machine, but it can also be used for other purposes. It provides the user with maximum working comfort so it is easy to operate. Besides, it is small in size, lightweight, and makes precise cuts.iBELL Circular Saw Multi Purpose Marble Cutter with 1050W, 13000Rpm & 6 Months Warranty


  • iBELL Circular Saw made with a powerful engine of 1050 watts  & cutting speed of 13000rpm.
  • And the machine is portable
  • This equipment is multipurpose
  • Also, this is easy to use.


  • Overheats easily

iBELL 13000Rpm Warranty

3. DEWALT Compact Circular Saw DWE561 with 1200W & 184mm:

This machine uses 1200 watts and has a speed of 5500rpm. It can, therefore, cut to a depth of 65mm. This device features an inner guard that improves the line of sight while cutting.DEWALT Compact Circular Saw DWE561 with 1200W & 184mm


  • DeWalt Circular Saw is easy to use.
  • The powerful motor is fitted with a dust blower that clears debris from the cut line.
  • It is fitted with a dust extraction hose
  • This equipment is lightweight


  • Quite expensive
  • Needs oiling

Dewalt Circular Saw

4. ENDICO 5-inch Circular Saw T30 1300 W Wood Cutter:

This circular saw has a power of 1300 watts. It is 5 inches in size and is used primarily by a woodcutter. It is designed to produce low vibrations and noise.ENDICO 5-inch Circular Saw T30 1300 W Wood Cutter


  • Endico Circular is made with a powerful 1300W motor.
  • And it delivers precise cuttings
  • It can be converted to a table saw
  • Also, it is a durable product.


  • Poor quality blades
  • Defective parts

ENDICO Wood Cutter

5. Dongcheng 185mm Circular Saw with 1100W in Blue & Grey:

The machine has a light body weighing 3.60kg and a comfortable grip. It’s fitted with a sawdust separator and is quite sturdy. Used to cut wood, plastics, concrete and thin aluminum.Dongcheng 185mm Circular Saw with 1100W Dmy02-185 in Blue & Grey


  • Dongcheng Circular Saw made with a 1100W motor.
  • It has a metal base plate which makes it convenient for rough handling.
  • Affordable for everyone.
  • The machine is sturdy and easy to use


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Spare parts are not readily available

Dongcheng 1100W Circular Saw

6. Stanley 184mm Circular Saw SC16 with 1600W Power:

This machine has a blade bore of 25.4mm and can cut a depth of 65mm. It makes accurate rip, bevel, and crosscuts. The bevel cuts have an angle of 45°. The circular saw weighs 3.9kg, and the blade rotates at a speed of 5500rpm.Stanley 184mm Circular Saw SC16 with 1600W Power


  • Stanley Circular Saw made with a powerful motor of 1600 watts offering excellent performance.
  • It has an extra handle hence convenient for two hands
  • Fitted with an additional handle for two-hand usage.
  • And it makes accurate cuts
  • Maximum protection from the improved sealing.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Defective base plate

Stanley Circular Saw

7. Baw 12 Inches 305 mm Circular Saw wth 2300 Watts Baw 88005:

This machine is a high-quality product from the BAW brand.  It’s made from lightweight material and requires minimal maintenance. This is easy to use and durable. Used in cutting metal and wood.Baw 12 Inches 305 mm Circular Saw wth 2300 Watts Baw 88005


  • BAW Circular Saw is designed with a 12-inch blade that cuts a depth of 305mm.
  • And this is easy to use
  • The machine uses 2300 watts hence suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
  • Also, the equipment is durable
  • Convenient for heavy-duty works


  • Quite expensive
  • Overheats

BAW Circular Saw

8. CARIGAR 4 Inch100 mm 5 Star Marble Cutter 1050-Watt in Orange:

This machine uses 1050 watts with a 4-inch blade that cuts 100mm in depth. It can be used to cut wood, concrete, or metal. Designed with a variable speed lock and a dust insulator to prevent damage from debris. It is fitted with a Type D handle providing the operator comfort and also precise cuttings.CARIGAR 4 Inch100 mm 5 Star Marble Cutter 1050-Watt in Orange


  • Carigar Cutter is specially designed for marble cutting
  • It has assured durability
  • Also, it has a high endurance
  • Useful for heavy-duty jobs.


  • Requires maintenance
  • Has no dust extraction vacuum

CARIGAR 4inch Circular Saw

9. Makita M5801B Circular Saw:

This machine comes with a 66mm cutting blade of 8 inches or a 44mm blade of 4 inches. The blade rotates at a speed of 4900rpm.Makita M5801B Circular Saw


  • Makita Circular Saw has an input power of 1050 watts
  • The machine is sturdy and durable
  • And the machine is easy to use too


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Has no dust blower

Makita Circular Saw

10. Digital Craft 7 Inch Electric Circular Saw Aluminium 1600 W Cutting Machine with Wood Working Handheld Tile Cutter in Red & Black:

This machine uses electricity as a power source. Mostly preferred as a tile cutter, it can be used for multiple purposes. The cutting blade is made of carbon steel and rotates at a speed of 9200rpm or 5000rpm as its load speed.Digital Craft 7 Inch Electric Circular Saw Aluminium 1600 W Cutting Machine with Wood Working Handheld Tile Cutter in Red & Black


  • Digital Craft Aluminum Circular Saw uses 1600 watts of power.
  • This equipment is easy to use.
  • And it has a comfortable handle
  • Powerful and with a high-speed rotating blade.


  • Not portable
  • Needs oiling

Digital Craft Electric Saw


Finding the right circular saw can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this helps you to find a perfect circular saw for your works.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best circular saw for you along with valuable benefits.


What is the use of a circular saw?

A circular saw is designed for cutting materials such as wood, ceramic, and metal.

Which is better, a jigsaw or circular saw?

It depends on the type of project you are tackling. Circular saws are convenient for cutting long straight cuts quickly.

What is the best circular saw?

DeWalt circular saws are the most preferred for home use and other jobs. It is easy to use, lightweight, multipurpose, and compatible with a dust extraction vacuum.

How do you use a circular saw for beginners?

As a beginner, make sure you are taking all the safety precautions like wearing eye protection glasses. Use your index finger to trigger the switch. For better grip, use both hands in steering the saw. Familiarise with the depth and bevel adjustments for precise cuttings.

What thickness can a circular saw cut?

Standard circular saws have a cutting depth of up to 2.5 inches at maximum, but the depth adjusts to your requirements.

What is the difference between a jigsaw and a circular saw?

A jigsaw has a flat straight blade design that cuts in an up-down motion while the circular saw has a circular blade design that cuts in a circular motion.