Best Chop Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

A chop saw is a tool used in cutting and chopping wood and occasionally for cutting metal. It is commonly used in the carpentry and construction industries. This equipment is used in making cuts that are precise and straight on materials. This is stationary and designed to move up and down and to cut at 90°straight, which makes it different from a miter saw, which is designed to cut at angles.

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Both of these types of equipment do not move while cutting and require materials to be moved towards their blades to cut. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best chop saws along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Top 10 Chop Saw Machines in India

List of the chop saws Check at Amazon
1. DEWALT Heavy Duty Chop Saw Machine Dewalt-DW714-Inch
2. Bosch Chop Saw Machine  Bosch-0601B373F0-GCO220
3. HiKOKI 2200-Watt Cut-Off Machine  Hitachi-CC14STD-2200
4. TOOLSCENTRE Mini Portable Chop Saw  TOOLSCENTRE-CHOP7-Cutting
5. DEWALT DW871 Heavy-Duty Chop Saw  Dewalt-DW871-355mm
6. BAW Cut-Off Machine  BAW-14-inch-355
7. Trumax 14-inch Chop Saw  Trumax-BlackBull-Yuri
8. TOOLSCENTRE Chop Saw Hiwalt Generic-Hiwalt-HW-9141
9. AEGON Acm14 14-Inch Chop Saw  AEGON 14-Inch Channels
10. Skil by Bosch Cut-off Saw  SKIL-Bosch-Cut-off

Buyers Guide – Chop Saw Machine

When purchasing a chop saw, there are many factors to consider. Some include: Will the chop saw be required to make angular cuts? Would metal cutting be required? Is heavy-duty cutting involved? And, of course, there are many maintenance-related questions.

  • Just like for every workshop equipment, the purpose and maintenance determine what to buy.
  • In buying a chop saw, the above-stated points will determine what blade size, speed, and motor power to purchase.
  • In purchasing for heavy-duty work, there are usually 14- or 15-inches options which are very suitable, and also 7-1/4 inch versions.
  • Motor power is rated in amps and usually the strongest and most common is the 15amps motor.
  • You would want to check the motor speed if you are interested in having a quick cut – a higher motor speed is an indicator of higher performance.
  • These are the primary factors to consider when planning to purchase a chop saw.
  • Finally, be aware that the better the quality, the higher the price.
  • In purchasing a chop saw, Evolution, DeWalt, or Milwaukee brands though expensive are very effective for tasks like building a deck or a shed, and sometimes even heavier duties.

Features of Chop Saw Machine

A chop saw is an equipment used to cut precisely and straight through various materials. And this equipment offers its functionalities through its features which include:

Just consider the below-mentioned features while choosing a chop saw:


  • Blade sizes in chop saws allow them to perform effectively their cutting function.
  • And the chop saw blade is commonly 14 inches but may also be 71/4 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches.
  • The blade guard and cover help to protect the user against blade injuries either when the equipment is in use or not.

Trigger Button

  • This feature of a chop saw allows it to switch on/off.
  • Also, this feature is very important as it avoids the unusual starting of the equipment.
  • A switch safety feature is also added to most chop saws to prevent them from accidental switching.


  • Most the electric chop saw model comes with a motor of different values measured in amps.
  • And determines the power output of the equipment.

Types of Chop Saws:

Chop saws are classified as – metal chop saws, wood chop saws, and abrasive chop saws when based on their blades.

The primary types of chop saws are:

Standard Chop Saws

  • This type of saw only cut materials straight down and is not used for angle cuttings.

Compound Chop Saws

  • These can cut straight down, but also allows users to angle the cut in another plane.

Dual Compound Chop Saw

  • This type of chop saw allows angle cuttings beyond just another plane cut but also allows cutting from left to right.
  • And this allows bevel cuts without flipping the wood over in all directions.

Sliding Compound Chop Saw

  • This equipment allows the blade and motor assembly movement by sliding back and forth
  • During cutting operations giving a medium for wider width cuts in one motor pass.

How Does a Chop Saw Work?

A chop saw, as earlier defined, is used for making neat and precise cuts but, at 90°. They work by harnessing electric currents and using their energy to steer their blades.

  1. The blade of chainsaws varies and can be a good determinant of its cutting speed and materials.
  2. Unlike the circular saw, a standard chop saw works by going up and down and not circular but it makes a straight and precise cut.
  3. It is stationary as materials require to be moved close to its blade for cutting.
  4. There are versions of chop saws that can make angled cuts.
  5. This class of chop saws is known as miter saws and is commonly used in place of chop saws because of their flexibility.
  6. It is also effective, straight, and precise.
  7. The chop saw works by spinning or rotating a circular steel blade saw at a high speed.
  8. This steel blade is used to cut through woods or other materials laid at the support table when the handle is pushed downward.

List of Top 10 Chop Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

Using a chop saw has a lot of advantages particularly precision in cutting and also its quick operations. Varieties of the chop saw blades allow users to cut through different wood thicknesses and can also allow cutting through metals using special blades.

1. DEWALT D28730 2300W 355 mm (14 inches) Heavy Duty Chop Saw

This chop saw is from the Dewalt brand & it has a power output of 1650W. It is a compound class of chop saw meaning that it can make angled cuts, unlike standard chop saws. This equipment weighs about 6kgs.Dewalt DW714 Compound Mitre Saw with 10 Inch, 1650 Watt & 80T TCT Blade


  • DeWalt Chop Saw made with plastic and metal materials.
  • It is a compound saw and can make angled cuts.
  • This equipment has a good build quality
  • Also, this has sufficient motor power and speed


  • It is expensive
  • Also, it has limited cutting angles
  • This can only cut through non-ferrous metals like aluminum

Dewalt DW714 Chop Saw

2. Bosch Chop Saw Machine with 2200-Watt & 14-inch 0601B373F0-GCO220

This is from the Bosch brand & it weighs about 15kg. Also, this equipment cuts easily through steel and can cut through up to 25mm solid rod.Bosch Chop Saw Machine with 2200-Watt & 14-inch 0601B373F0-GCO220


  • Bosch Chop Saw equipped with a 15-inch motor size and power output of 22000W Long-lasting blade hours.
  • You can cut through metals up to about 25mm in size
  • This equipment is easy to carry.
  • You will get 6 months of warranty on this product.


  • Sparks a lot during operation

Bosch Chop Saw

3. HiKOKI 2200-Watt Cut-Off Machine CC14STD 14 inch in Green

This is a 14-inch chop saw from the Hikok brand & it comes with 2200W of power output. Also, this equipment weighs about 17kgs. It is a piece of D-shaped equipment to promote comfort during cutting operations.HiKOKI 2200-Watt Cut-Off Machine CC14STD 14 inch in Green


  • HiKOKI Chop Saw made with a blade rotation speed of 3800RPM.
  • It comes with a spindle lock that allows easy & fast wheel changes.
  • This equipment has a precise clamping of materials.
  • It is suitable for cutting metals


  • Low surface space on equipment

Hitachi Cut Off Machine

4. TOOLSCENTRE Mini Portable Chop Saw CHOP7 Centre with 180mm 7inch & 1200W Power MetalSteel Electric Mini Cut Off Machine

This is from the TOOLCENTRE brand & it is a cheap and lightweight chop saw. It cuts through metals with a 7-inch blade. This electric equipment has a power output of 1200W.TOOLSCENTRE Mini Portable Chop Saw CHOP7 Centre with 180mm 7inch & 1200W Power MetalSteel Electric Mini Cut Off Machine


  • TOOLCENTRE Chop Saw made with 1200w motor.
  • This equipment is lightweight and mobile
  • It is a cheap and efficient machine.


  • Small size and blade diameter


5. DEWALT DW871 Heavy-Duty Chop Saw with 2200 Watt, 355mm & Wheel

This is from the Dewalt brand & it comes with a very wide cutting angle, all-around – right, rectangle, and square angles. It can be used for cutting at all angles. This is made of plastic and metals.DEWALT DW871 Heavy Duty Chop Saw with 2200 Watt, 355mm & Wheel


  • Dewalt DW871 Chop Saw is made with a powerful 2200W motor.
  • It is useful for cutting metals at all angles
  • You will get accurate & precise in cutting operations.
  • This equipment runs on electric power of 240volts.


  • Less surface workspace

Dewalt DW871 Saw

6. BAW Cut-Off Machine with 14-inch 355 mm & 2300 W

This chop saw is from the BAW brand & it has a blade size diameter of 355mm. This has a high blade speed of 3900RPM and can cut through a solid steel pipe. Also, it is very useful for cutting wood and non-ferrous metals like aluminum.BAW Cut-Off Machine with 14-inch 355 mm & 2300 W


  • Chop Saw made with a heavy-duty 2300W motor.
  • This equipment has a high blade speed
  • It is very cheap compared to other brands.


  • Very small surface space
  • Low quality

BAW 14-inch Chop Saw

7. Trumax 14-inch Chop Saw BlackBull Redbull LG 355 Model with 2600 Watt

This is from the Trumax brand & it is featuring 2000W of maximum power output. It is cheap and has a rated voltage of 230V. The blade speed is 3800RPM and is good for heavy-duty work.Trumax 14 inch Chop Saw BlackBull Redbull LG 355 Model with 2600 Watt


  • Trumax Chop Saw made with a 14-inch blade.
  • This equipment is a cheap product.
  • It has a high blade speed.


  • Low machine surface space

Trumax Chop Saw

8. TOOLSCENTRE Generic Heavy Duty Professional Long Life Chop Saw Hiwalt Pro HW-9141

This equipment is also TOOLCENTRE brand & it weighs 2.5kg. Along with metals, this equipment can also be used in the cutting of wood and very tough materials. It has a heavy base for improved stability.TOOLSCENTRE Generic Heavy Duty Professional Long Life Chop Saw Hiwalt Pro HW-9141


  • Generic Hiwalt Chop Saw has a 14-inch cutting blade for cutting.
  • It can be used for cutting pipes & metals.
  • This equipment has good quality
  • And the machine is lightweight
  • Inexpensive product for everyone.


  • It can’t handle heavy-duty work
  • Has limited surface space

Generic Hiwalt Chop Saw

9. AEGON Acm14 14-Inch Chop Saw Machine with 2200-Watt, 355mm, 3800 Rpm Locking Chain for Cutting Metal, PVC Channels & Angles

This equipment is from the Aegon brand & it can cut through metals, steel pipes, PVC, etc. Also, it can cut at angles. This equipment is optimized for cutting any metal and also for cutting or shaping non-ferrous metals. This equipment weighs about 16.5kg.AEGON Acm14 14-Inch Chop Saw Machine with 2200-Watt, 355mm, 3800 Rpm Locking Chain for Cutting Metal, PVC Channels & Angles


  • Aegon Chop Saw equipped with 14-inch blade size.
  • It has a power output of 2200W & a blade speed of 3800RPM.
  • This heavy-duty tool can cut through almost all materials.
  • It is cheap and fast
  • Also, it has a high blade speed.


  • Small working space


10. Skil by Bosch Cut-off Saw with 350 mm in Red & Black

This is from the Skil brand & it consists of everything you need to cut through wood and metals like aluminum. Blade size has a diameter of 350mm and this equipment is also used to make angled cuts.Skil by Bosch Cut-off Saw with 350 mm in Red & Black


  • Skil by Bosch Chop Saw equipped with a 2000W compact motor.
  • Made with a heavy gauge steel base for increased stability.
  • And it can cut at angles


  • Low quality and workspace

SKIL by Bosch Saw


Finding the right chop saw can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this helps you to find a perfect chop saw for your works.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the Best Chop Saw Machine for you along with valuable benefits.


1. What is the difference between a chop saw and a miter saw?

The difference between chop and miter saw exists in angle cutting. Miter saws are designed for angle cuttings while chop saws are not.

2. What is a chop saw used for?

Chop saws are used basically for shaping, cutting, and chopping materials like wood, metals, steel pipes, etc. all depending on blade size and type.

3. How much does a chop saw cost?

Chop saws vary in price based on brands, qualities, and functions. But in India, chop saws can range from 4,000 rupees to 17,000 rupees.

4. Can we cut wood using a chop saw?

Yes, cutting wood is the most common use of chop saws. Depending on the brand, used to cut metal, the shape of non-ferrous metals angled cutting, etc.

5. Can I use a wood chop saw to cut metal?

Yes, this is possible, but only by using specialized blades. Ordinarily, a wood chop saw is used for cutting non-ferrous metals, but this is quite dangerous. Therefore, use a specialized cutting blade that when attached to a regular wood chop saw will still get the work done.