Best Projector Models in India-Buyers Guide

Best Projectors in India

¬†Also known as an image projector, this is a device that projects moving images to a projection screen. This happens when light shines through a lens or in the case with modern projectors through lasers. Today, the most common is the video projector. It is handheld and uses LEDs when projecting images. However, when there … Read more

Buy Roli Tilak for Pooja online in India

Best Roli in India

The roli kumkum comes in natural and pure sandalwood, saffron, or turmeric forms. These have no added colors for safe use for sindoor, kumkum, tika, Chandan, or pooja. In addition, there are no chemicals or harmful agents in sindur and kumkum. These are skin-friendly are safe for daily use on the forehead. There are also … Read more

Best Projector screen Varieties in India-Buyers Guide

Best Projector screen Varieties in India

Projector screen/screens are surfaces and support structures that are installed to display images projected. They are permanently installed and painted on walls in movie theatres and have portable viewing space in conference rooms. To avoid image discolourations, they are either white or grey with the back normally coated black to prevent light from seeping through. … Read more

Best USB Extension Cable Types in India-Buyers Guide

Best USB Extension Cable Types in India

You may face a bothering situation where the USB port you are using is too short for connecting two devices. You may have to crawl on your hands and knees to access the USB ports behind your computer. But not anymore with the extension cable for USB ports. The extension cable makes it easy to … Read more

Buy Best Quality Rakt Chandan online in India

Best Rakt Chandan in India

The rakt chandan is a pure and natural sandalwood block for various purposes. It offers excellent anti-inflammatory and other medicinal uses. Also, it is used for pooja, Hindu rituals, ceremonies, or prayers. The red sandalwood stick has perfect incense. Therefore, you can use it for air freshener or incense burning. It is also best to … Read more

Know Telescope Price in India-Buyers Guide

Telescope Price in India

I and my cousin, on the weekends, had fun having a laid-back experience doing star gazing. We were getting excited every second we saw a shooting star pass by. The mysterious universe is full of wonders and beautiful miracles. We both were without any telescope in our hands to see the night sky closely. One … Read more